Where are you from?

For the next month, I will be writing about my experience studying in Argentina. There’s a Spanish version also./Por el próximo mes, estaré escribiendo sobre mi experiencia estudiando en Argentina. Hay una versión española también.

I have been en Argentina for only a week and I always get the same question: Where are you from?

Apparently my accent is really American (or “yankee”) and I can’t hide it. But, the experience has been amazing. Córdoba es a very authentic city and there are so many differences than other parts of Latin America. For example, “sos.” (The Spanish word for “you,” which is usually “tú” in other Spanish-speaking countries.)

In Argentina, people say “vos sos” instead of “tú eres.” Using the voseo is a change for the other students and me. It’s a little difficult.

Also, the schedule is very late here. In the morning, we go to the university for classes. We are there 9:30 am until 5:00 in the afternoon. Then, we go home, and dinner is at 10 or 11 at night. 10 or 11! So late. Although, I do take a nap every day 🙂

I’m adjusting every day and I enjoy each moment. Wednesday, we took a city tour and saw downtown Córdoba. On Thursday, we had a “Louisiana night” and cooked gumbo and drank hurricanes. So much fun. Friday, all the students went to dinner and a tango show. It was a great show. Look:

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 It’s difficult to describe when this is happening in another language, but I’m very excited to it. I am learning and I love it.

Until next week!


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