Update: Hobby Lobby’s new hobby for hypocrisy?


In a previous post, I suggested ulterior motives in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case against the Affordable Care Act. Recently, it was reported that Hobby Lobby may not be as opposed to contraception as their religious freedom defense has led people to believe.

Mother Jones and Huffington Post reported that Hobby Lobby’s retirement fund includes investments in pharmaceutical companies that not only produce contraception, but also drugs used to induce abortions. The findings showed that roughly $73 million is invested in the manufacturers of these product.

What will this do to their case? And most importantly, what is Hobby Lobby playing at by trying to get rid of contraceptives in their health care plans?

This all seems suspect to me for multiple reasons. The first (most obvious) eyebrow raiser is that this company is going through such great lengths to challenge the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive regulations, but yet they are investing millions in a company that produces just that. And it isn’t like they can claim ignorance to something like this, because when you invest large sums of money you know what you’re putting your money into.

Next, I wonder why they chose now to bring contraceptives up as an issue when Hobby Lobby has been investing in this pharmaceutical company for so long without any problems. The timing is too suspicious.

I’m curious to see what this will to both their case and their credibility, since this new information will certainly have an effect on both.

See the articles here:

Hobby Lobby Invests In Abortion Pill Manufacturers http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/01/hobby-lobby-invests-in-em_n_5070279.html

Hobby Lobby’s Hypocrisy: The Company’s Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Manufacturers http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2014/04/hobby-lobby-retirement-plan-invested-emergency-contraception-and-abortion-drug-makers


2 thoughts on “Update: Hobby Lobby’s new hobby for hypocrisy?

  1. caitlinmmccord says:

    This is kind of mind boggling to me, especially because Hobby Lobby has threatened to close all of its stores multiple times solely because they do not want to provide contraception for their employees. I can’t even believe how incredibly hypocritical they are. I’m very interested to see how this plays out, and how it affects their case.

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