Apple: can they go on?

Steve Jobs’ death created a gray cloud of skepticism that still looms over the heads of many Apple fans today. He was the heart of Apple, and is the reason why it has become the technology giant that it is.

He was known not only as the face of Apple, but going deep into the details of each product that Apple creates. This was reflected in how they marketed Apple.

Apple’s glory days included characteristically simple ads, from the famous “1984” commercial to the cool guy “Get a Mac” campaign of the 2000s. Apple ads may be simple, but they’ve always been able to make a big point with a small statement: we can relate.

Today, Apple seems to be struggling with this. Their new “Designed by apple” online campaign is self-serving and a little condescending. Using pretty colors to “wow” consumers into submission changed Jobs’ idea of simple into “even a monkey can do it.”

Their campaigning has also fallen to the waist side. Boring us with cliché’s (for the colorful, from a whole new perspective, etc.) is more characteristic of a bad public service announcement than one of the most powerful companies in the world. Their television ads are so bad, Microsoft decided to make a campaign out of making fun of them.

This may seem like an old topic, as Jobs’ pass was a couple of years ago, but the advent of iOS 7 and its mixed reviews created a renewed concern over Apple’s direction. If they want to stave off rising competitors like Samsung, Apple is going to have to channel their inner Steve Jobs and go back to basics in their campaigning.

Tim Cook definitely has some work to do.


(What perspective? We still look at the phone the same old way.)

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