Women who don’t believe in equal pay?

This article from the Huffington Post today came out about Cari Christman’s comments on the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. She is the head of RedState Women, a Texas-based PAC focused on “rallying women for GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.”

In the video, she essentially says that women are “too busy” trying to create families and get a higher education to fight for equal pay. This message supports Greg Abbot’s stance on equal pay since, according to his competitor Wendy Davis, he fought vehemently against it during his tenure as Texas Attorney General.

I for one am not comfortable with what this message communicates. First of all, Christman denounces the legislation as “rhetoric” that offers no solutions, but isn’t able to come up with any viable solutions herself. Secondly, I’m extremely uncomfortable with a PAC dedicated to conservative women that does not believe in equal pay legislation. What are they trying to say about conservative women, or about women in general? This does not bode well to the rest of Abbott’s campaign, because I’m not sure how well this will play out among conservative career women.

Any thoughts?

To read the article, click on the above link or go here:
Head Of GOP Women’s PAC Flubs Equal Pay Question


Chelsea Handler tells off Piers Morgan

I’m sure a lot of people have seen this already, but just in case you haven’t it’s definitely worth the watch. Though Chelsea Handler is pretty sassy throughout the entire video, about two minutes in she takes it upon herself to tell Piers Morgan exactly why his show is coming to an end: he doesn’t pay enough attention to his guests.

After watching this video I must say that in the battle of wits, it’s:
Handler: 1
Morgan: 0

That being said, are we truly surprised that Piers Morgan is a mediocre interviewer? Taking Larry King’s place is a canyon-leap from judging America’s Got Talent. Also, that this interview is getting so much attention, despite everything going on in New York, Ukraine and the Malaysian airline, is pretty indicative of what the media prioritizes. On the other hand, if we weren’t so interested then this wouldn’t have made so many front pages.

I’m also interested in seeing how this might eventually implicate Chelsea Handler. Handler has been fighting off critics her entire career for her brash honesty. Being called a bitch isn’t news to her. But what if a man went on Morgan’s show and did the same thing? Would it be funny, or harsh? For Chelsea it will likely be portrayed as the latter.